About SpongePie

SpongePie is a group of young and talented software developers.
We love what we do and the most important thing for us is users' opinions.
Group was created in May 2015 when two teenagers from Poland - Bartłomiej Stawiarz and Nikodem Bartnik - decided to make their own game called "WYFT".
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Bartłomiej Stawiarz
co-CEO, CTO, CSM, DBA, HRM, Webdeveloper

Nikodem Bartnik
co-CEO, CDO, CRO, CSMO, CMO, Android Developer


WYFT logo


Our first game was "WYFT" (acronym from What's Your First Thought?).
It's a simple app which collects first thoughts on certain things from all over the world and tells you what others typed in.
Your goal is to guess the 5th most typed answer (which gives you 5 points) and avoid the 1st one (which gives you 1 point). New answer gives you nothing, but it gets saved, of course!
Points give you access to new packs which contain different words.
Great time killer!

Square logo


Square is one of the simplest games out there.
Your little square needs your help! It can change its color to white or black.
Make sure that it is black when passing white wall and white when passing black wall by tapping the screen.
In the meantime listen to amazing work of Polish composer - Frederic Chopin!

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